Unfortunately over recent times there are now sellers on well known auction sites offering sealer and paints at very cheap prices.

They are only able to do this by using recycled paints/solvents, low grade or imported resins or very low resin content and are generally non branded products.

Resin contents are quoted as “up to”  or “not exceeding …%”. This is very misleading, as it is not actually confirming the resin content at all. “Up to” figures could mean anything as low as 1% in resin solid content.

There are also sellers who it appears do not even know or are not aware of the % resin in their sealer.

Please be very careful when buying, any reputable seller should be able to provide you with a material safety data sheet (MSDS) which shows what the sealer contains.

You would need to apply several coats of these cheap sealers to reach the same level as protection as one coat of our sealer.

Our Superior Polyurethane would usually retail at over £200 for a 20litre drum but with buying direct from us you are cutting out the middle man and purchasing at trade prices.

Cheap sealers cost you more in the long run , they can often look good to start with , which results in the seller receiving good feedback,  however a short time later the user finds themselves having to buy again as the blocks have no protection or sealer left on them. Please also consider the relevance of the feedback they have received; “arrived next day” or “super fast delivery” is not giving you any idea about the quality of the product, although of course we do believe the speed of delivery and customer service standards are extremely important.

Our products are only made using pure virgin solvents and UK resins. We do not import cheap copies of materials.  We will not compromise the quality of our products to try and compete with these prices. Please always remember there is truth in the saying “You get what you pay for”.

We can see ourselves that choosing a good paving sealer online has become a really difficult task in itself and we will only ever give you genuine, honest advice. If we do not sell the most suitable product for your purpose we would tell you this as we value our reputation.

If we have not answered your question here please Contact Us or call us on 01922 627221 or 07983 992302.