The Block Sealer Company only supplies products made using pure virgin solvents and UK resins. We don’t compromise on quality to ensure you get the highest standard of sealant that is required.

Sealers can be brought cheaper elsewhere but unfortunately are often recycled paints/solvents that are low grade or imported resins with a very low resin content that is non-branded.

When a solvent has a low resin content it means you need to apply a number of coats to reach the same level of protection that one coat of our sealant provides, making it false economy. It also means that after a short period of time, cheaper sealants will wear off and need replacing.

All reputable sellers of sealant should be able to provide you with a material safety data sheet (MSDS) that shows you what the sealer contains.

It is difficult to make well informed purchasing options with so many rogue suppliers out there but please feel free to contact us for open and honest advice on the most suitable products for your requirements.

If you have any questions or queries please Contact Us or call us on 01922 627221 or 07983 992302.