Which is the better Block Paving Sealer - Polyurethane or Acrylic?

The truth is they are both good, Polyurethane will last longer and is harder wearing but is also more suited to an experienced user. It requires more skill and care when using and is not suitable for use on all surfaces. Acrylic is easier to use if inexperienced. If you are unsure of the most appropriate sealer for your use please do call or email us and we will more than happily assist you.

For more information view our Comparison Chart.

What does UV Stable mean?

Our Acrylic sealer is UV stable. This means the sealer will remain clear when dry and will not darken from the UV rays of the sun. This makes it suitable for all colours of block paving.

Our polyurethane is notUV stable, this means it is affected by the UV rays and will darken the blocks. This makes polyurethane only suitable for darkblocks, an example would be ‘brindle’ colour. You would not use Polyurethane on light or grey blocks as it could discolour them. If you are unsure if your blocks are suitable please email us over a photograph and we can advise you. We are always here to help.

I have concrete slabs, can I seal these?

Yes, many customers have done this, they have cleaned and sealed slabs on very dirty, old, tired looking patios and have been really pleased with the results. It makes them much easier to keep clean afterwards.

How do I apply the sealer?

Instructions for use are emailed to you when your order is processed. These are written in an easy to follow format, but should you have any questions please get in touch. We offer a free technical support helpline.

Can you apply the coloured concrete sealer to standard concrete instead of an Imprinted Concrete drive/patio?

Yes, this can be done, but please contact us as the application instructions are slightly different.

Do you have samples of the sealers available?

Yes, these are available to order, but unfortunately there is a small charge. This is just to cover the cost of materials, packaging and postage. As we operate on very tight profit margins, it is not possible for us to absorb the cost of these in our current pricing structure. We are so confident that you will want to order the product after testing it that we offer you a 5% discount when you return to buy the sealer.

Can I change the colour of my Pattern Imprinted Concrete with your coloured sealer?

Yes, our coloured sealers can be applied over any existing colour. They can also be used to create a different colour border for example.

Why can I buy the same product cheaper elsewhere?

You Can’t! When comparing products, you really do have to compare a “like for like”, please take a look at our Why Block Sealer page for more information.